Bid/RFP Number Title Award Date Awardee
IFB-PAG-005-22 All Equipment Parts BID (IDIQ) April 15, 2022 Landscape Management Services/ Triple J Commercial Tire
IFB-PAG-022-004 Terminal Operating System Hardware Maintenance & Support March 3, 2022 G4S Security Systems Guam, Inc
IFB-PAG-022-003 Various Lubricants and Degreasers for Port's Equipment & Gantries (IDIQ) January 5, 2022 Napa Auto Parts, Pacific Petroleum Trading Corp., Far East Equipment Company LLC.
IFB-PAG-022-002 Re-Bid of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel March 7, 2022 South Pacific Petroleum Corporation
IFB-PAG-022-001 Rental Services for Hydraulic Crane & Operator (IDIQ) December 6, 2021 Smithbridge Guam, Inc.
IFB-PAG-CIP-022-005 Devanning Concrete Ramp Repair April 6, 2022 Ian Corporation
IFB-PAG-CIP-022-003 Design-Build To Repair Northside Catwalk by Agat Marina Boat Ramp March 31, 2022 Propacific Builders
IFB-PAG-007-21 Generator Overhaul September 3, 2021 Hawthorne Pacific Corporation
IFB-PAG-006-21 Radiators for Caterpillar 455KW, 725KW, and 910KW Generators September 3, 2021 Hawthorne Pacific Corporation
IFB-PAG-005-21 Solid Waste Removal & Disposal for PAG August 5, 2021 Lagu Sanitation
IFB- PAG-004-21 Split A/C Bid (IDIQ) July 16, 2021 J&B Modern Tech
IFB-PAG-003-21 CCTV Surveillance Sys & ACS Replacement November 24, 2021 California Pacific Technical Services, LLC.
IFB-PAG-002-21 Desktops, Laptops, and Accessories (IDIQ) June 23, 2021 Data Management Resources, LLC.
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-011 Design-Build to Replace 3 ea. Metal Gate Booths with Extended Concrete Structure December 3, 2021 Pacfic Federal Management, Inc. 
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-010 EQMR Bldg. Repair and Upgrade PENDING EXECUTION JJ Global Services
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-008 Desgin-Build Canopy EQMR Bldg. Maintenance Bay August 30, 2021 Propacific Builder Corporation
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-007 Replacement of Existing 125ea. Reefer Receptacles March 8, 2022 Propacific Builder Corporation
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-005 Waterline Replacement March 3, 2022 BME & Sons Inc. 
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-004 Repair Concrete Cracks & Spalls at PAG CFS Bldg.  July 2, 2021 Propacific Builder Corporation
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-002 MULTI-STEP Design/Demolition for  Removal of 5 Port Inoperable Cranes June 23, 2021 Guam Shipyard
IFB-PAG- CIP-021-001 Supply & Install Fendering at F3 May 28, 2021 Guam Shipyard
RFP-PAG-021-004 Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting Services October 6, 2021 Milo Appraisal Group
RFP-PAG-021-003 Owner's Agent Engineers October 22, 2021 WSP USA Inc.