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    Over 100,000 containers pass through our Port

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    Serving over 500,000 residents in the Western Pacific

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    Listed as top facilities with Military and Economic importance


September 13 – September 19, 2020
  • Matson Papa Mau   Voy 99/100   ATA 9/14/20 7:54   Can Cnt 148   Ops Time (hrs) 9:32   NMPH 15.6
  • Matson Manoa   Voy 426   ATA 9/17/20 6:51   Can Cnt 1054   Ops Time (hrs) 20:50   NMPH 56.1
  • APL Saipan   Voy 5OR   ATA 9/18/20 8:22   Can Cnt 264   Ops Time (hrs) 8:41   NMPH 34.3
  • MSA Kyowa Orchid   Voy 97   ATA 9/18/20 16:24   Can Cnt 236   Ops Time (hrs) 20:38   NMPH 12.7
  • Mariana   Voy 29S/29N   ATA 9/18/20 9:03   Can Cnt 14   Ops Time (hrs) 2:56   NMPH N/A

PORT STRONG Since 1975.

Guam's only deep water Port offers facilities and services to ships of all registries. Dedicated to providing a combination of maritime, commercial, and transportation, the Port Authority of Guam is striving to develop into the world-class container terminal port of the Western Pacific Region.


Port Facilities + Services

Cruise Ships

An average of five cruise ships stops at the island’s port in Piti annually, which requires the Port Authority of Guam to coordinate and reconfigure their shipyard each time in order to ...More

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Terminal Tariff

The Port Authority of Guam Terminal Tariff was adopted by the Guam Legislature and was effective in 1993. Subscriptions are available for $25.00 and can be purchased through the Port Authority...More

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Maritime Operation

Authorized under Public Law 17–7, the marina operational functions were transferred from the Department of Parks and recreation to PAG in the early 1980's. This gave the Port Authority ...More

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Shipping Schedules

The Port Authority of Guam makes all shipping scheduled available to the public and stakeholders on a regular and consistent basis, usually on a daily basis right here in the website. As shipping ...More

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We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to strengthen the lifeline to our island.

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Our dedicated management and employees work around the clock to keep things moving.


Hands-on leadership and committed people making a difference for Guam. Thank you to all our Port Strong employees.

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